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Kyzacrafts by Michael

My sons Kyle and Zachary

Welcome to my page. My name is Mike creator of Kyzacrafts by Michael. I am retired and I live in Virginia Beach. I was employed as Federal Government Employee for thirty years working with contracts. I have been doing crafts since I was about 9 years old. I lived next door to a girl that also loves crafts and she basically gave me my start. Kyzacrafts is a unique name. Kyza is the first two letters of my sons names Kyle and Zachary. That is how Kyzacrafts was born about three years ago. I started Kyzacrafts for something to do in my retirement years. People started to notice the items that I was making and they asked if they could purchase them. I started selling to friends then I opened an etsy store and our product line started to really grow. To date there are over 300 products in my etsy store with new items being added everyday.

As to the why I love my business and made it grow is because I wanted to leave my boys something and give them the opportunity to learn what I have to supplement their income and also have a nice relaxing hobby. My sons are the most important parts of my life and I want to make sure they can see what I created in honor of them. I am proud of the merchandise that I sell and I hope that you will see that I offer something unique and special for everyone.

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